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A system for analysis of performance of an Investment made during its initial stage from the time of investment to the project reaching its critical mass level. This system works on the premise of pre-investment due diligence and projections on which valuation were derived and investments were made.The System Architecture is based on manual due diligence techniques aided by IT enabled system and reports.The system includes evaluation of both behavioral and technical aspects from the view point of investor. The prime moto of this system is to better analyze the problems and shortcomings at early stage and take appropriate call based on the recommendations.

Why do you need this system?

Every Investor whether investing in real estate, stocks, securities, businesses, joint ventures or business concepts need to have a review of the performance of his investment.

The primary interest of the Investor is to ensure that the investment turns out to be profitable at the end of the day. Our belief is that the businessman must keep focusing on the development of the business without worrying about the various activities of the business processes. Our expertise lays in monitor the critical activities of the business and find reasons of deviations from the desired results and figure out the solutions for bring the results back to desired level.

In case where there is no internal department dedicated to it and internal audit does not exist, no CFO those inventors would need something to evaluate performance of their investment.

Our services and systems are flexible and as per the need of client. If you are:

  • An investors in stocks to evaluate your portfolio performance.
  • An investor in concept business where you do not have direct control over the operations and has to relay on the promoters words.
  • Funds/Institutional Investors, who are willing to appoint independent agency to monitor the performance of the target.
  • A bank where you do not have a say over the operations of the business a post investment review can help them understand the insight of operations.

How does it work??

  • Approaching you and understanding your requirement.
  • Deciding the scope of work, procedure and mechanism for you based on your industry/size of operations/sector/location.
  • Once it is fixed, our team segregates the activities on the basis of.
  • Behavioral Aspects.
  • Technical/Operational Aspects.
  • We carry on analysis of projections, pre investment due diligence and terms and conditions of the investment deal.
  • Our team Analyzes implementation of terms and conditions of investment and actual performance of the projections submitted earlier.
  • Our team understands the Organization structure before investment and after investment (who is the driving force...!).
  • We Understandpolicies prevailing at the time of investment and any changes thereto.
  • Doing variance analysis, deviation analysis, sensitivity analysis, etc. to find the gaps in the desired outcome.
  • Once the study is completed our team works on various possible methods to how risk can be minimized.
  • We submit our report to you with our details of our study, our findings, what’s going as per plan, what needs to be changed and our recommendations.