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At Equity Research Lab, we value our people. This is because we believe that our services will be only as good as those who deliver it.

We are in the business of guiding our investors about where to put their hard-earned money, and helping them achieve their financial goals through wise investments. Trust and goodwill form the fundamental basis of our relationships with clients.

This not only demands thorough professional knowledge and an enchanting personality, but also calls for a missionary zeal to help others selflessly.

Though the work is demanding, most team members feel that working at Equity Research Lab is a satisfying experience due to the following reasons:

Professional Growth

Performance is the key element that matters at Equity Research Lab, when it comes to rising up the corporate ladder.

Personal Growth

Qualities like leadership, communication skills, negotiating skills and an impressive personality get developed automatically, largely due to the contagiously professional atmosphere and rigorous training programmes at Equity Research Lab.

Job Satisfaction

A true spirit of philanthropy is at the heart of every thing that we do. Many of our efforts are aimed at genuinely helping people, irrespective of whether they are our clients or not. It obviously feels great to know that you have been of help to someone.

Opportunity to Improve Skills

We lay a lot of emphasis on continuing education. Every team member is encouraged to undergo professional training. The Company even offers incentives.

Balance Between Work and Play

All work and no play is no fun. Equity Research Lab ensures that all team members are adequately rewarded for the efforts put in. We regularly organise trips to various exotic locations in India.

Job Security

At Equity Research Lab, quality is the watchword in every sphere of activity. That is why we have a rigorous screening procedure. Once selected, every team member is treated like a family member. Everyone is given a chance to work in different departments in order to get acclimatised. No wonder, many of our team members have been with us for years. Honest and performing team members will always find their jobs secure.

Family Life

One of the major reasons why a lot of our team members prefer to work with Equity Research Lab is because we have a culture of striking a fine balance between work and home. We firmly believe if you are productive, you won't have to miss out on your personal life.

We at Equity Research Lab, firmly believe in achieving our dreams as a team as well as on an individual basis and thus motivate and help our employees to work systematically towards realizing that dream and never stop dreaming!!! So dream Big & achieve Bigger.

Designation Qualification Vacancies Experience Skills
Business Development Executive Any Graduate 10 Fresher/Experienced Basic Knowledge of Computer

All fields are mandotary* & file must be in .doc or .docx or .pdf format.